Make the most out of your Cleaner

We clean many, many homes and have noticed that some people are quite experienced in having a cleaner and know what little things to do to get the most out of their clean. So we thought we would share a few little tips that would help you get more out of your cleaner:


Now it may seem obvious, but the more tidy your house is and the less clutter you have, the easier it is to clean. The moment a cleaner has to start moving things to be able to dust, wipe or scrub, it uses valuable time that they could be dusting, wiping or scrubbing elsewhere. Sometimes we notice clients clear dressing tables onto beds, move furniture and lift kids things off the floor before we have arrived.  This is obviously not expected, but they are trying to get the most out of their clean – and they do. Generally, we do not tidy, we clean.


It is great to have a cleaner who you can have a chat to, but have a quick chat whilst they are working and then leave them to it.  Try not make them stop to show them photographs, your latest shoe purchase or something cute your child is doing.  They are more than likely in your home for a set amount of hours, and if they lose time doing something other than cleaning, they will then be rushing to catch up, as very often they will have another appointment to get to after cleaning your home.

Children & Pets

Sometimes you may find you are at home with your pets and children whilst your cleaner is there.  Whilst it can be sweet having a small child being nosey about what you are doing, it can also be a bit stressey.  We are back to the time thing, but more importantly – worrying where the cord is for the hoover so they don’t trip and that they aren’t in reach of the cleaning products.


Work with your cleaner in letting them know what your priorities are; they may well be spending a little more time on rooms that are not important to you, and you may not notice the extra time in those areas because you are not focused on them. We have had an occasion where a client has pointed out that she felt not enough time had been spent on the living/day room on a particular visit, when we pointed out that the time had been used to wipe down all the marks on the doors and door frames throughout the house – she was very pleasantly surprised! Your cleaner will always want to do a good job.

General Niceness

Cleaning is actually a pretty tough job and I never fully appreciated this until I did it myself. It is not even remotely close to what it is like to clean your own home.  People who clean come from all walks of life, and the people who clean for Splash Clean are all really lovely, polite, caring people.  Don’t forget to thank your cleaner, like in any job, everyone wants to feel appreciated, respected and motivated. A couple of weeks ago one of the team told me that one of our weekly clients had said ‘Thank you so much for the clean, it’s amazing and it makes such a difference to our life”, and she said hearing that kind of positive feedback really makes you feel good and want to keep doing a good job for that family.

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