Don’t forget to send a card!

Life gets busy, and unfortunately this often means forgetting birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year.  Here is a little tip to help you take that stress away.

  • Get a pen & paper if you are old fashioned or your Notes App on your iPhone (you don’t have an iPhone?!  Seriously – sort that out) and write a list of all the people you need to send birthday or anniversary cards to.
  • Go to a lovely local shop and buy a card suited to each person & occasion, worth getting a few extra ones that can be used for any occassion.
  • Go to the post office and buy enough first class stamps for all your cards.
  • Make yourself a nice cup of tea and write out all the names and addresses onto the envelopes, and place the blank card inside.
  • Write the date to be posted, 2 days before birthday, onto the section where you can stick a stamp over.
  • For the birthdays that are imminent, write your message in the card but don’t seal the envelope.
  • Then place all these cards in date order, with the extra cards at the back along with your stash of stamps in a pretty box or basket to tuck away in a place that you will see and remember to check it, but not too obviously in sight – you know what I mean.
  • You can obviously do this with presents too, worth saving padded envelopes and little boxes to use for easy posting. Tea boxes are quite nifty for posting little gifts, different and recycled too!

No more rushing around the day before trying to find a card, a stamp, a pen that actually works and then trying to get to your nearest post box before last collection.  Nobody needs that stress – life’s too short!

We recommend the following for a great selection of greeting cards:

Woodruffs, Winchester
The Good Life Farm Shop, Headbourne Worthy
Alresford Linen Company, Alresford
Long Barn, Bishops Sutton
Sophia Victoria Joy, Online
Lotus Blossom Cards, Online

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