A new season for all …

After nearly 8 years, Angela has worked her last day today. I still can’t quite believe this day has come, it’s like the end of an era.  She has been such a joy to us, taking care of all the details every day, going the extra mile for so many clients, caring for pets and plants!

It is through her loyalty, integrity, genuine care for others, and a jolly good sense of humour, that we have been able to keep running Splash Clean whilst I am in Zambia. She is going to be missed, but we are so excited for her as a new opportunity has come up, on her doorstep.

Angela & Shelley
Angela & Shelley

Shelley, my dear mother, is taking over Angela’s role.  Shelley has lived in England for 18 years, and has had various managerial and admin roles in the past which lend well to this role.  She eventually left her office desk to be a carer and companion to elderly people in the area, because that is the loving, caring person my mother is! I am thrilled that I was able to convince her to join us now at Splash Clean.

We are still a small team of just 10 part time cleaners, we have no desire to become a large business.  We take our values and beliefs seriously at Splash Clean, we are not just about numbers and getting jobs filled.  We are a group of people, doing our best to offer a quality service, caring for our clients homes and offices, not just cleaning them, whilst being aware of our impact on the environment.  This takes teamwork, patience and love!

I thank God daily for the gift of this business, and each person who makes it what it is.  As it is not just a gift to me, but to each team member. Mothers and fathers, students, entrepreneurs, all trying to boost their incomes and reach their goals.

We look forward to many more years in Alresford and Winchester.

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