Recycle Week 22 – 28 June Winchester

So it is Recycle Week!  Let us all try do our bit and get into good habits.  Recycling is so much easier if you just allow yourself to be organised and let it become a part of your normal daily life.

England is very lucky to have a lot of recyclables collected from the pavement outside our homes! With so many Recycling Banks dotted about in Alresford and Winchester, it is even easier to drop off items whilst on our trips to and from work, school or grocery shopping.

There is some useful information on the Winchester City Council about what can and can’t be recycled.  It is brief and only takes a couple of minutes.  Inform yourselves.

I love recycling, but more than recycling, I love refusing, reducing and reusing. Take a tip from Zero Waste Home – “refuse reduce reuse recycle rot”

Refusing a takeway cup when ordering a cappuccino and asking item to place it in your own travel mug/jar because you are reducing your waste, is quite a cool conversation starter surprisingly! My coffee also stays hotter for longer without dribbles.

Reducing the packaging I use makes me consider what it is that I am buying.  Which has resulted in me not wasting money and actually considering more what I eat.

Reusing things like glass jars means I can safely store my food with out chemicals leaching from plastic, or ending up with orange stained tupperware, if the former is not a concern to you.

Recycling everything you can is the right thing to do. In some cases you can get points back from Tesco (well you could when I lived there 2 years ago?). Some places raise money from recycling, our SPCA pays two salaries a month on the money they raise from recyclables. Biggest bonus ever – less garbage to send to landfill.

Rot now this has to be the ultimate part of it (for me and probably all the children out there!) I have a tub for my wormerie to compost or my vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds. Then for meat, bones, dairy and cooked food I have a Bokashi Composter.  This one is proving tricky as in two weeks we have created less than a small cereal bowl of food waste!

Like The Great Waste page on Facebook to keep up with their goings on.

I challenge you to do the right thing for our environment and your family and create good habits.

Have fun!



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