Need a part time job? Do a bit of moonlighting for Splash Clean!

Most people who work for Splash Clean have other jobs, full or part time or are earning the extra money whilst building up their own business.  For the latter, I fully appreciate that people might not want their client base to know they are moonlighting, so the out of hours work is very well suited as you can literally do it under the cover of darkness!

Our team all have a part time job for various reasons, some just to supplement their monthly income, but others have various goals they are trying to reach, saving for a deposit on a house, buying a new car, holidays etc.

Hours to suit schedules, so could do weekly or fortnightly cleans.  Weekend cleans are very flexible in that you can usually do them anytime between Friday and Sunday night.

We have evenings and weekends for office cleans. Obviously quite a stigma with cleaning in that everyone wants to be seen to have a cleaner and not be one! All the cleans that we do are for very lovely people, and the homes and offices are very clean – no house of horrors type stuff!
We cover the Winchester & Alresford area and the pay is £10 per hour. 

Please do spread the word. We are such a great friendly and professional team and we do like to get people by word of mouth. If someone or someone you know is interested in a part time job, but not 100% sure, please get in touch for a chat. To apply, please visit our website.

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