St Mary’s Church Itchen Stoke

Yesterday I got one of the regular emails from my friend Yvette, before I even opened it I just knew she would be trying to rope me into something.  On this occassion it was helping cleanthe St Mary’s Church in Itchen Stoke in preparation for their concert this evening.  Such a glamorous life I lead, although, I have to admit, I do quite enjoy it!

It is such a beautiful church, but in order for it to stay beautiful and open to the public, we all need to muck in occassionally.  I would also like to add that I am not religious and do not even go to Church, but for me that is not the point.  It is a magnificent building which was built in 1866 and it has such history; one of the many things I love about England.  So don’t let the “But I don’t even go to church” line stop you from volunteering the odd hour eery couple of months.   There were 5 of us that each spared an hour this morning, and it made a huge difference.  They don’t need or ask much, if you are handy with a broom and/or a damp cloth then you qualify! If you think you don’t qualify but are handy with pen and paper, why not write a cheque?

So if you live in the area, do get in touch with Frances Hurd to offer as much or as little help as you can.  There are many Churches across the country that need help, so visit their website to find wich churches near you may need help.  The bigger the volunteer pool the better, because inevitably, when they do need help and call around, a lot of us may well be busy.

You can reach Frances on or via The Churches Conservation Trust Volunteer page.

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