Emma loves her part time job in Winchester!

Emma is a mature student currently doing a degree and found it near impossible to find a part time job in Winchester that worked around her study schedule. “I had never worked as a cleaner before (apart from in my own home) and found the idea of looking after someone else’s home quite daunting. IContinue reading “Emma loves her part time job in Winchester!”

Fruit, veg and more from Brimfields in Winchester

If you haven’t yet been to Brimfields, get yourself down there! They have a fantastic selection of fruit, vegetables, fresh bread and local produce. If you live within 3 miles of Winchester, they will deliver veg boxes.  Fruit, veg, bread and juice deliver to your door – perfect! Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter too.Continue reading “Fruit, veg and more from Brimfields in Winchester”

Companion service for the elderly in Alresford & Winchester

Shelley Skinner has started The Friendly Robin, a companion service to the elderly in the Alresford and Winchester area. Many of us have elderly relatives or friends who may feel isolated at home, especially when they are no longer able to drive. We all lead such busy lives with our own careers and children toContinue reading “Companion service for the elderly in Alresford & Winchester”

Need a part time job? Do a bit of moonlighting for Splash Clean!

Most people who work for Splash Clean have other jobs, full or part time or are earning the extra money whilst building up their own business.  For the latter, I fully appreciate that people might not want their client base to know they are moonlighting, so the out of hours work is very well suitedContinue reading “Need a part time job? Do a bit of moonlighting for Splash Clean!”

re dress – Contemporary Clothes Agency

Those of you who know me personally will know that of the many shops I love in Winchester, redress is my all time favourite! The owner, Lindsay Leman is just lovely, especially as I get a cup of tea when I visit her (because I’m a special customer!)