What the team have to say:

Sharon loved being part of Splash Clean. “I have been cleaning for Splash for a year and can honestly say I have enjoyed it.  Great company and prompt payers – they also have some lovely cleaning jobs for some really nice people and companies.  I especially like the way Splash made me feel part of a team, always in contact and always there if I needed help.  They provide you with all the cleaning stuff and a detailed sheet on the way Splash cleans and likes you to do things – which I found really helpful particularly at the beginning. Very pleasant work and I have recommended friends to Splash both to work as cleaners as well as those looking for a cleaner.  So don’t hesitate, I highly recommend it.”

Emma is currently doing a degree in Winchester and found it near impossible to find a job that worked around her study schedule. A part time job with Splash Clean was perfect for her. “I had never worked as a cleaner before (apart from in my own home) and found the idea of looking after someone else’s home quite daunting. I have now been part of the Splash Clean team for nearly 3 years and I have enjoyed every minute of it. All the cleaning supplies are delivered to my door and the hours are extremely flexible, allowing me to concentrate with my studies and still earn money. Most importantly all of my clients are really friendly and appreciate the hard work I do for them.”

Louise, a primary school teacher who is now at home bringing up her children says: “Although I never dreamed I would be a cleaner, I must admit now that I find it quite rewarding to walk backwards out of the door after finishing my shift, admiring the difference I have made to somebody’s house.  Splash Clean take the hassle away by supplying the clients and the cleaning equipment.  I like the flexibility to work more hours and earn more money when I am available and if I need time off to be with the children there is the flexibility to do this too.  To be told by a client that I ‘make 150% difference’ to her house and that she ‘loves coming home on a Tuesday’ after I have been is great reward, even if it is just cleaning!”

Do you want a part time job?

Are you hard working, loyal and professional with a sense of humour who is able to work under their own supervision?

Interested in working a 2-3 hour shift just 2 or 3 times a week in the Winchester or Alresford area?

Would you like to earn £10 per hour to boost your savings or mortgage, pay for your studies, holiday fund, home renovations or even just your monthly bills?

If you are, then we have just the job for you!  You have probably never considered being a cleaner before, neither did I when I started Splash Clean 6 years ago.  Most of our team have never been cleaners, and many are still with us for over 3 years! This work is well suited to those who are starting their own businesses, as you can choose shifts to fit around your current work.  You can even be allocated cleans to be done at night or over weekends so nobody will even be aware of your moonlighting – except us!

The Work:

We only do regular cleans in homes, offices and nursery schools, and all our clients are lovely and there are no house of horrors stories.  Our clients are spread between Alresford & Winchester, and you would ideally have your own transport, although this is not always essential. We supply cleaning cloths & brushes, eco friendly cleaning products in a small caddy, and no uniforms are worn.  Our clients supply the vacuum cleaners, buckets and mops. We don’t do tidying, dishwashing or laundry.

Once you have been through your trial clean you are given access to the Work Available calendar and you will be matched up to a suitable client.  This will then be your regular job.  You can choose to do holiday & sick cover when it becomes available. Nobody is allowed to work more than 14 hours per week, and you can also choose to do as little as 4-6 hours. You will also have your own calendar to view your schedule.  At the end of each month you submit a timesheet via our website and you are paid through our payroll, and will be sent a payslip.

The process to join our team:

Visit and submit your application

If your application is successful, Angela will arrange to meet with you for an interview

You will be sent our Splash Clean Guide prior to the meeting and we ask that you read it as well as familiarise yourself with our website.

If your interview is successful and between you and Angela you both agree that you would be suitable to join the team, you will be sent some forms to complete for us to obtain references, as well as payroll information so we can pay you.

Following successful references, Angela will then arrange to do a trial clean with you, this gives you the opportunity to see if how we work and vice versa.

Following a successful clean, Angela will then discuss possible jobs with you and you will be sent the links to our calendars.

As easy as that!