Join Our Team

Working part time with us is a great way to boost your income, whether you are a business owner, have another full or part time job, are a stay at home mom or dad, or a student. We do not allow people to work more than 14 hours per week, and this is the absolute maximum. You would only be offered one or two shifts to start with and over time you could build up to more hours. A shift is 2-4 hours long, and they will take place in homes in the mornings, and in offices in the evenings or over weekends. The hourly rate is £10 per hour, and is paid monthly through our payroll.

Most of our team, including myself, had never worked as a cleaners before, so do not let that scare you or put you off. All our clients are regular clients that we have selected, and we do not do any house of horror cleans, like spring cleans or end of tenancy cleans.

If you would like to apply for a part time job with our fabulous team, please do email us with your cv, a covering letter/email explaining your current situation and why you feel you would be a good candidate. You can find detailed information on the application process on our site. We take our applications seriously, and do not accept anyone who says they can hold a mop.

If you have never worked before, that is fine, just tell us what you have been doing, for example bringing up your kids, looking after parents, traveling, trying to be an artist, planting pumpkins in your allotment …. 🙂

If you are currently employed, or running your own business, we will still need to know this, and this information will remain confidential. We appreciate the fears of having your clients or colleagues finding out you are moonlighting; don’t panic!  We have had many people work for us on this basis.