Sharon loved her part time job with us.

“I have been cleaning for Splash for a year and can honestly say I have enjoyed it.  Great company and prompt payers – they also have some lovely cleaning jobs for some really nice people and companies.  I especially like the way Splash made me feel part of a team, always in contact and alwaysContinue reading “Sharon loved her part time job with us.”

Being a cleaner with Splash Clean

Because our team haven’t worked as cleaners before, initially they were more than apprehensive about having a part time job as a cleaner. They all found themselves with thoughts such as “What will my friends think?”, “Will it be gross?”, “What about my hands and nails?”, “Will it be hard work?”, “Will my clients findContinue reading “Being a cleaner with Splash Clean”

Fancy a part time job as a secret cleaner?!

So you need to earn extra money, but can’t find a part time job to fit in around your current job, business or family. You’ve seen our adverts, but you don’t want your friends or colleagues to know that you are a part time cleaner. There is an unfortunate stigma that goes with being aContinue reading “Fancy a part time job as a secret cleaner?!”