Fresh New Look

Hello there, Colleen writing here.

We hope you love our fresh new look as much as we do.  We felt that after 7 years, it was right about time. It’s bright and fresh, just like our team and your homes & offices, after we’ve been!

splash logo final

Do keep up with us on social media, where you can get to “know” us better.  I join in occasionally from South Africa, and in a few weeks from our new home in Zambia.  Winchester & Alresford still hold a special place in my heart, and I feel so incredibly far away at times, so it is great to try keep up with what’s happening in the area via the internet. Angela can be found daily on a country path around Alresford, with her two trusty hounds, Mistie & Milo. I must confess, I turn various shades of green envy when I see her Instagram posts around Alresford!

Look forward to keeping up with you all “on-the-line”.


Work just 4-14 hours per week for £10p/h.

Are you hard working, loyal and professional person with a sense of humour who is able to work under their own supervision?

Interested in working a 2-3 hour shift just 2 or 3 times a week in the Winchester or Alresford area?

Would you like to earn £10 per hour to boost your savings or mortgage, pay for your studies, holiday fund, home renovations or even just your monthly bills?

If you are, then we have just the job for you!  You have probably never considered being a cleaner before, neither did I when I started Splash Clean 6 years ago.  Most of our team have never been cleaners, and many are still with us for over 3 years! This work is well suited to those who are starting their own businesses, as you can choose shifts to fit around your current work.  You can even be allocated cleans to be done at night or over weekends so nobody will even be aware of your moonlighting – except us!

The Work:

We only do regular cleans in homes, offices and nursery schools, and all our clients are lovely and there are no house of horrors stories.  Our clients are spread between Alresford & Winchester, and you would ideally have your own transport, although this is not always essential. We supply cleaning cloths & brushes, eco friendly cleaning productsrubber duck reading in a small caddy, and no uniforms are worn.  Our clients supply the vacuum cleaners, buckets and mops. We don’t do tidying, dishwashing or laundry.

Once you have been through your trial clean you are given access to the Work Available calendar and you will be matched up to a suitable client.  This will then be your regular job.  You can choose to do holiday & sick cover when it becomes available. Nobody is allowed to work more than 14 hours per week, and you can also choose to do as little as 4-6 hours. You will also have your own calendar to view your schedule.  At the end of each month you submit a timesheet via our website and you are paid through our payroll, and will be sent a payslip.

The process to join our team:

Visit and submit your application

If your application is successful, Angela will arrange to meet with you for an interview

You will be sent our Splash Clean Guide prior to the meeting and we ask that you read it as well as familiarise yourself with our website.

If your interview is successful and between you and Angela you both agree that you would be suitable to join the team, you will be sent some forms to complete for us to obtain references, as well as payroll information so we can pay you.

Following successful references, Angela will then arrange to do a trial clean with you, this gives you the opportunity to see if how we work and vice versa.

Following a successful clean, Angela will then discuss possible jobs with you and you will be sent the links to our calendars.

As easy as that!


Work with a happy heart

I discovered this video by the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics via YouVersion this morning and I love it!  It is so true; whatever type of work we are doing we should do it with all our hearts.  Whether we are building houses, fixing broken arms, balancing someones books, writing a novel, bringing up children or cleaning someones home.  Always do everything to the best of our ability, and do so with a happy heart.

“Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present”

Join our team & boost your mortgage payments!

Cleaners – £10per hour – min 3 hours, max 14 hours per week
Being part of our small team is a great way to boost your savings. You could work just 6 hours a week, split over 3 hours two evenings a week, and 3 hours over a weekend, and you could earn £90 a week, which would be about £360 a month, and about £4320 a year!
You could choose to do more or less hours depending on your schedule. Some of the jobs you can choose to team up with someone to share the shifts, this works great for a couple saving for a deposit for their own home, or to boost your mortgage. You could even be a parent/son or daughter team!
No previous cleaning experience neededCleaning supplies in a green bucket
No uniform
Choice of cleaning homes or offices
All applications confidential
No harsh cleaning chemicals
Training & guidance provided
Remember, most of the team have never been cleaners before and had other jobs and businesses! We have had teachers, graphic designers, sales consultants, you name it!
Get in touch to find out more and apply at

WANTED: Honest, loyal and kind peoples!

rubber duck readingWe are currently taking applications for people to join our team. Please remember you don’t need to have any experience of cleaning. Most of our team are professional people with other businesses or part/full time jobs who have never cleaned before, just like Angela and I!

What is important to us is honesty, loyalty and kindness. Life is just better for everyone when we can be all three of these!

Some of our clients are little older, so having us around is refreshing for their hearts not just their homes! So kindness does go a long way and shouldn’t be under estimated. No job in this world is better than another – we should all do our best no matter what job we are doing. I will also say that a sense of humor is rather useful too!

If you would like to apply – then please submit your info and CV at Join The Team.