The Alresford Linen Company

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that what was once known as Flairs, is now The Alresford Linen Company.  Locals, Stephen and Melita Glaister have taken over the drycleaners in Alresford.   Melita is the co-owner and founder of the popular Meka, on West Street in Alresford, and Stephen was a restaurateur in South London, before taking over the drycleaning business.

Not able to stop there, they have taken over what was once The Eastern Arts Gallery next door, and that will be The Alresford Linen Cupboard.  Those of you who have either been in or passed by, will know that even in the middle of their refurbishment, they are showing signs of what will be a chic wonderful place to shop.  Drycleaning errands have never really been the most exciting task on my to do list, but I actually find myself looking forward to those drop-offs and collections!

Alresford will now be able to provide us with beautiful linens, I have also spotted some gorgeous smelling goodies, cotton nightwear, hooks and other delightful home decor items.

As far as the drycleaning service goes, I have used them twice so far, and the service, is quick and friendly with competitive prices.

The Alresford Linen Company
7 Broad Street, Alresford, SO24 9AR
01962 734221 – under construction