Meet Angela Brown

Angela was one of the very first people to join our team at Splash Clean. When Colleen left for South Africa in 2013, Angela took over the day to day running of Splash Clean on a part time basis. It was not that much longer until we decided it was best for Angela to be our full time manager.

She is a keen gardener and has great appreciation for the local wildlife, which you can catch snippets of on our Instagram account.

How long have you been with Splash Clean?  7 years

Why would you encourage someone to join the team?   The hours are very flexible and can easily be worked alongside another role or commitment.  There is often the chance to pick up additional ad hoc hours as holiday cover as well as increasing regular weekly hours.  The clients are all lovely and really make you feel appreciated for what you do.

Where is your favourite spot for a cup of tea/coffee? Definitely Long Barn in Alresford.

Where are you most likely to be found in Alresford/Winchester in your free time?  Walking across a field or country path with my dogs, Misty & Milo, come rain or shine all year round!

Do you have a favourite walk in Alresford/Winchester? Oxdrove Way in Alresford

What is your favourite book? Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

What is your best tip for keeping your home clean or organised? Do little and often throughout the week when you have spare time and that way you do not have a mammoth task at the end of the week.

If you are interested in joining our team, and unsure of what you can expect, drop her a line and arrange to meet up for an informal chat about it.


Meet Claire, a stay at home mom

school run(1)Claire, a stay at home parent, has been working with us as a part time cleaner for just over 2 years. She is going to continue working for us once her son starts school in September. Find out more about her; what she enjoys, and why she she recommends being part of our team. You might also be a mom or dad, looking to boost your income, like Claire. We have had a quite a few dads on our team over the years too, not just moms!

What shifts do you do for Splash Clean? I usually do 4 evening shifts, each shift being 3 hours.

Why would you encourage someone to join the team? Flexibility and hours to suit around me and my little man,  a good work/home balance and I enjoy working independently but still with great support from management.

Where is your favourite spot for a cup of tea/coffee? In my back garden … when the sun shines. I would say in bed, but no chance of a lie in anymore!

Winchester City Museum
Taken from

Where are you most likely to be found in Winchester in your free time? In any of the town parks or paddling in the stream with little man.  We also enjoy visiting the Winchester City Museum.

Do you have a favourite walk in Winchester? Anywhere near water.

What is your favourite book? No time for reading … do magazines count??!!

What is your best tip for keeping your home clean or organised? Make realistic lists and goals. Don’t hoard. One step at a time.

How was your Plastic Free July?

#Plasticfreejuly2018-join-the-challenge stamp hi resWell, it is the 31 July, officially the last day of Plastic Free July.  But the great news is that the challenge does not need to end today.

Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open to new ideas of quitting the dreaded single use plastic.  It really is so easy, and every small change in habit does make a huge difference.

So keep smiling as you request No Straw Please, and as you hand over your very own reusable take away drinks cup for that cappuccino or latte, knowing that you are helping with #stopthe100billion effort. Instead of reaching for that cling wrap to cover your leftovers, just pop them into a container with a lid instead. Whilst it is so lovely and warm and we all full of energy, stay hydrated by taking your own reusable water bottle so you have no need to purchase bottled water. Lastly, when we are out enjoying the beautiful English country walkways, let’s take a moment to consider those plastic poop bags! Have you switched to compostable/biodegradable poop bags?

There are many things we can change in our lifestyles to quit the single use plastic, and not just during Plastic Free July either.

For more plastic free inspiration, check out The Plastic Free Shop and Zero Waste Week.

Keep it up; you can do it!



Final Straw Winchester

final Straw WinchesterFor a long while now we have been following the Final Straw Winchester campaign on social media.

Michele, who started the campaign in Winchester has done such an incredible job, and has already started impacting establishments in surrounding villages.

On a personal level, I have been very passionate about raising awareness of the problem with plastic straws, in South Africa.  There are campaigns around the world to get people to quit plastic straws, with some countries banning them, and even the Queen quitting single use plastic straws and bottles on the Royal Estates.  It is so encouraging, and we can all make a difference.

Well done to all those establishments who have responded to Michele and decided to quit the single use plastic straws. Just to name a few, University of Winchester, Steve Brine, The Old Vine, The Hambledon and in Alresford, The Swan Hotel.

Would be wonderful to see the whole of Alresford become a single use plastic straw free zone! Alresford is known for it’s beautiful pastel buildings and independents stores, amongst many other things.  Just imagine if Alresford became famous for being a straw free zone!

If you really feel you need a straw, how about buying your own reusable metal, glass or bamboo straw that you can carry with you.  Some restaurants are even now serving these and selling them at their counters too.

Time that we all do our bit to keep our oceans, waterways and countryside clean and beautiful, especially for our future generations.  We can do this, it is so easy; just say “No Straw Please” next time you order your drink, and if you are a restaurant owner, stop supplying them.

Some useful links about quitting plastic straws:

The Last Plastic Straw

Plastic Pollution Coalition



Join us

Join our TeamIt’s already April; how are you managing to achieve those goals and dreams you set for 2018?

  • Home renovations
  • Holiday budgets
  • New car
  • Student loans
  • School fees
  • the lists always go on …

Joining our team is a great way to boost your income to help you meet your goals; whether you are working part or full time, studying or a stay at home parent.

Each job is either 2 or 3 hours, and you can choose jobs in the mornings, evenings or on the weekends. So you could do anything between 4 – 14 hours per week, to suit your lifestyle.

Pretty much everyone who has worked with us has never been a cleaner before, including Angela and myself. So don’t be put off by that, or be concerned you are going to arrive at a house of horrors and up to your ankles in cat food tins. All our clients are regular clients, and we visit their homes to meet them first.

We have had all sorts of people on our team, most of whom are in the process of setting up their own businesses, or freelancing. So being a part of our team is a great way to boost your income when you have bills and overheads to meet, but maybe still struggling to build your client base.

We do require people to live in the Winchester or Alresford area. You do not need to have your own car, but this does open a lot more shift opportunities if you do, as not all our clients are accessible by public transport. We only use eco-friendly products and you are not required to wear any uniforms. Training is given, and you will also be given a handbook to help you along.

If you are interested in joining our team, do apply via our website.