Back to a new normal

back to our new normalWe are back!   The summer weather is great, but the time has come to put the gripping novels aside, and get our cleaning caddies out again. We have all been eager to get back to clean our clients’ homes and offices but to do so safely has meant many hours on the computer and the phone checking guidance, researching products, assessing each client and team member and producing the risk assessments. We’ve topped up our cleaning caddies with products, and repacked them with cloths, toothbrushes, scrapers and scrubbies and PPE, and we’re now ready to go.

With all the differing opinions on sanitising and PPE, we decided to go with those who know best – Public Health England, WHO and HSE. Whilst our main focus is the protection of our clients and ourselves against this coronavirus right now, we feel it is important that we don’t go in with unnecessarily destructive chemicals and kill the good 95864313_2900669589988777_92231162801422336_othings too. There are many bacteria that protect us and are necessary for the environment, and whatever we use to clean with eventually finds its way into the waterways, air or soil having a knock-on effect outside. We are really pleased that we can continue with the products that we have always used, because the Delphis Eco sanitiser is BS EN1276 compliant, so certified effective against enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus. Good to know that our client’s homes were being sanitized against this Coronavirus before we even heard of it in this country. We get a lot of pleasure from confirmation that what we are doing is right for the safety of our clients, right for our team, and as right as we can manage for the planet. When trying to kill the viruses and bacteria that do us harm it is inevitable that some others will also be harmed – no solution is perfect – but we try to be as gentle as we can.

95293542_2902950476427355_5975550044298805248_oAside from the work, there are a few additional things to enjoy when we go to clients homes or offices; we get to know the clients, so it is always great to see them, and the other thing is the gardens.   All sorts of gardens – blowsy borders, patios with brights pots, lawns with beautiful shady trees, quintessential English country garden, and even prairie style.   We left them with daffodils and have returned to roses and peonies – beautiful.   We have even been entrusted with garden watering when a client goes away – what a treat!   So we will continue to follow the guidelines, and modify the way we work as things change – and whatever that brings, we are SO happy to be back.

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