Meet Student, Liz Green

Meet Liz Green, she was part of our team for 2 years whilst she was a University student. We are going to miss her greatly now that her time with us is complete. Being part of our team is a great way for students to earn a decent hourly rate, working short 2-3 hour shifts which are easily fitted in and around their studies.  You too may be a student and like to boost your funds whilst not negatively impacting your study time.

Q & A with Liz

How long were you with Splash Clean?
I first joined in 2016 and left in 2018.

Why would you encourage someone to join the team?
Splash Clean is the best company I’ve worked for- Angela and Colleen are both lovely people who genuinely care and are always there to help if there’s a problem. All of the clients are friendly, kind people too and working for them is great as the work is never over-demanding, there’s a good balance.
Cleaning is also very flexible, something which is ideal for me as over the past year I have been able to combine my cleaning work with several other jobs, something which was facilitated by Splash rearranging the times of some of my cleans to fit around my new routine.

Where is your favourite spot for a cup of coffee?
Coffee Lab in Winchester is a great place for a coffee, it’s got a really chilled vibe and the coffee is the best in town.

Where are you most likely to be found in Winchester in your free time?
I just like to wander through the high street and browse, although the views over Winchester from the top of St Giles hill are great and I like to watch the sun set over Winchester from there.

Do you have a favourite walk in Winchester?
My favourite walk would be around the Winchester water meadows, it’s so peaceful and beautiful by the water.

What is your favourite podcast/book?
I enjoy reading crime novels, especially those set in Europe. I can always read any of the books in the Montalbano series as I love the sense of humour!

What is your best tip for keeping your home clean or organised?
I’d say as far as possible just doing things as they come along makes it so much easier to clean and keep on top of everything.

If you are a student and find yourself interested in joining our team, then please do apply via our website by clicking here.

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