Meet Angela Brown

Angela was one of the very first people to join our team at Splash Clean. When Colleen left for South Africa in 2013, Angela took over the day to day running of Splash Clean on a part time basis. It was not that much longer until we decided it was best for Angela to be our full time manager.

She is a keen gardener and has great appreciation for the local wildlife, which you can catch snippets of on our Instagram account.

How long have you been with Splash Clean?  7 years

Why would you encourage someone to join the team?   The hours are very flexible and can easily be worked alongside another role or commitment.  There is often the chance to pick up additional ad hoc hours as holiday cover as well as increasing regular weekly hours.  The clients are all lovely and really make you feel appreciated for what you do.

Where is your favourite spot for a cup of tea/coffee? Definitely Long Barn in Alresford.

Where are you most likely to be found in Alresford/Winchester in your free time?  Walking across a field or country path with my dogs, Misty & Milo, come rain or shine all year round!

Do you have a favourite walk in Alresford/Winchester? Oxdrove Way in Alresford

What is your favourite book? Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

What is your best tip for keeping your home clean or organised? Do little and often throughout the week when you have spare time and that way you do not have a mammoth task at the end of the week.

If you are interested in joining our team, and unsure of what you can expect, drop her a line and arrange to meet up for an informal chat about it.


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