How was your Plastic Free July?

#Plasticfreejuly2018-join-the-challenge stamp hi resWell, it is the 31 July, officially the last day of Plastic Free July.  But the great news is that the challenge does not need to end today.

Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open to new ideas of quitting the dreaded single use plastic.  It really is so easy, and every small change in habit does make a huge difference.

So keep smiling as you request No Straw Please, and as you hand over your very own reusable take away drinks cup for that cappuccino or latte, knowing that you are helping with #stopthe100billion effort. Instead of reaching for that cling wrap to cover your leftovers, just pop them into a container with a lid instead. Whilst it is so lovely and warm and we all full of energy, stay hydrated by taking your own reusable water bottle so you have no need to purchase bottled water. Lastly, when we are out enjoying the beautiful English country walkways, let’s take a moment to consider those plastic poop bags! Have you switched to compostable/biodegradable poop bags?

There are many things we can change in our lifestyles to quit the single use plastic, and not just during Plastic Free July either.

For more plastic free inspiration, check out The Plastic Free Shop and Zero Waste Week.

Keep it up; you can do it!



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