Final Straw Winchester

final Straw WinchesterFor a long while now we have been following the Final Straw Winchester campaign on social media.

Michele, who started the campaign in Winchester has done such an incredible job, and has already started impacting establishments in surrounding villages.

On a personal level, I have been very passionate about raising awareness of the problem with plastic straws, in South Africa.  There are campaigns around the world to get people to quit plastic straws, with some countries banning them, and even the Queen quitting single use plastic straws and bottles on the Royal Estates.  It is so encouraging, and we can all make a difference.

Well done to all those establishments who have responded to Michele and decided to quit the single use plastic straws. Just to name a few, University of Winchester, Steve Brine, The Old Vine, The Hambledon and in Alresford, The Swan Hotel.

Would be wonderful to see the whole of Alresford become a single use plastic straw free zone! Alresford is known for it’s beautiful pastel buildings and independents stores, amongst many other things.  Just imagine if Alresford became famous for being a straw free zone!

If you really feel you need a straw, how about buying your own reusable metal, glass or bamboo straw that you can carry with you.  Some restaurants are even now serving these and selling them at their counters too.

Time that we all do our bit to keep our oceans, waterways and countryside clean and beautiful, especially for our future generations.  We can do this, it is so easy; just say “No Straw Please” next time you order your drink, and if you are a restaurant owner, stop supplying them.

Some useful links about quitting plastic straws:

The Last Plastic Straw

Plastic Pollution Coalition



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