Fresh New Look

Hello there, Colleen writing here.

We hope you love our fresh new look as much as we do.  We felt that after 7 years, it was right about time. It’s bright and fresh, just like our team and your homes & offices, after we’ve been!

splash logo final

Do keep up with us on social media, where you can get to “know” us better.  I join in occasionally from South Africa, and in a few weeks from our new home in Zambia.  Winchester & Alresford still hold a special place in my heart, and I feel so incredibly far away at times, so it is great to try keep up with what’s happening in the area via the internet. Angela can be found daily on a country path around Alresford, with her two trusty hounds, Mistie & Milo. I must confess, I turn various shades of green envy when I see her Instagram posts around Alresford!

Look forward to keeping up with you all “on-the-line”.


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