Asking for your help here in South Africa, please!

Hello from a freezing cold South Africa,

I will be upfront and say I am posting about something completely unrelated to Splash Clean!

Maybe you have money to spare (even £5 or £10), maybe you want a career break to volunteer abroad, maybe your child or younger sibling is thinking of volunteering abroad ….

I have come to know about a fantastic cause in South Africa, Door of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa. and so I have decided to email everyone I know to see if they would like to help either financially, with volunteered time through a gap year/career break, or by raising awareness. Or maybe you know someone who would be interested.

With the exchange rate sitting at 18, even just £10 can make a big difference.

At least 3 babies are abandoned in greater Johannesburg every day, in bins, plastic bags, thrown into rivers. Door of Hope will rescue and receive abandoned, aborted, abused and orphaned babies.

The cost of one cot per month is R2500; approx £140, 200USD, 300NZD or 270AUD.

With the exchange rate at just over 18, those with pounds can make a huge difference for quite a small donation.

If ten British people donate £14, that could cover the cost of one cot for a baby for one month. How many pints or cappuccinos a month is that?

Maybe you won’t make a donation through my page now, maybe nobody will! But I hope that this at least spreads the word; please do tell your colleagues, friends and family about Door of Hope and the good work they are doing.

We are all quite quick to buy a round of drinks on a night out, how about a round of donations?!

The Door of Hope Mission
“We aim to rescue and receive any abandoned, aborted, abused and orphaned babies and children from any source in cooperation with other agencies. To provide a temporary Christian home f

er care or other permanent care for each one.”

Click the link below to find out more and help spread the love, please!

Sorry to pester you with this – but sometimes we have to use our contacts – you just never know

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