Hello from South Africa!

I cannot believe I have been in South Africa since June 2013, nearly 2 years ago, how time flies!  I came back to South Africa after nearly 10 years in England and met my man! Last month I got married to the most awesome man, that I met online, who I actually knew of and was from my hometown.  Small word huh.

Amongst the messages of good wishes were the burning questions of “When are you coming back to England?”, “Will you keep Splash Clean going?” …

I definitely plan on staying in South Africa, we love it too much, even with the chaos that comes with African life!I am hoping to make a quick trip to England later this year, Angela and I are well overdue a Gin & Tonic.

Yes I will keep Splash Clean going, just as Angela and I have done for over 4 years now!

I would love to have my usual brag about how I am working from my veranda, sweating under the glorious South African sun, but I am inside, freezing my backside off.  Heidelberg winters are no joke!

Hopefully see you later in the year!