Being a cleaner with Splash Clean

Cleaning supplies in a green bucketBecause our team haven’t worked as cleaners before, initially they were more than apprehensive about having a part time job as a cleaner.

They all found themselves with thoughts such as “What will my friends think?”, “Will it be gross?”, “What about my hands and nails?”, “Will it be hard work?”, “Will my clients find out?”

They soon discovered the answers;

– Your friends don’t need to know, and really, if they frown upon it then maybe you need better friends.

– It’s not gross, because we visit all the homes & offices first to ensure there is no house of horrors vibe going on.

– Marigolds and hand cream.  Get a grip.

– Yes, sometimes it will be. None of us own a pair of bingo wings and our thighs don’t look too bad either.

– Your clients don’t need to find out as you can work on evenings and weekends.

Every single person on our team, including myself, were very unsure about whether being a cleaner was a good idea or not. Especially those of us who grew up with housekeepers! Everyone has a trial clean and training on how our environmentally friendly cleaning products work before they are allocated their own cleans.  It gives us all a chance to see if we are right for each other.

If you are interested in having a part time job with us, get in touch with us for a chat about it. We’ve never had anyone regret it, and the fact that most of our team has joined us through our current team referring them, says a lot.

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