Fancy a part time job as a secret cleaner?!

So you need to earn extra money, but can’t find a part time job to fit in around your current job, business or family. You’ve seen our adverts, but you don’t want your friends or colleagues to know that you are a part time cleaner. There is an unfortunate stigma that goes with being a cleaner – it is silly, but it’s there. Give it a go and join the team; your friends don’t even have to know!? Ta daa!!! We’ve had many secret cleaners on our team, some of them will be your colleagues and neighbours and you might not even know! Over the last 4 years everyone who has joined our team has said it wasn’t what they thought it would be, and they’ve all gone on to do more cleaning than they thought!

Most people who work for Splash Clean have other jobs or are earning extra money whilst building up their own business. They all have various goals they are trying to reach, saving for a deposit on a house, renovations, buying a new car, holidays etc. We fully appreciate that people might not want their clients to know they are moonlighting, so the out of hours work is very well suited as you can literally do it under the cover of darkness! Hours to suit schedules, so you could do weekly or fortnightly cleans. Weekend cleans are very flexible in that you can usually do them anytime between Friday and Sunday night.

We have daytime hours for home cleans, as well as evenings and weekends for office cleans.  All the cleans that we do are for very lovely people, and the homes and offices are very clean – no house of horrors type stuff! 10 per hour.

If you want a part time job with us, drop Angela a confidential line on or get in touch on 0789 1181 267, or apply online at

Your secret is safe with us. Promise.

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