Spring Clean with Splash Clean

Spring has finally arrived! Scatterings of purple and white crocus along the avenue in Alresford are a gorgeous start to Spring.

The spring bug gets most of us in one way or anther, clearing out those cupboards, sorting wardrobes & desks, bookshelves, toys kids have grown out of …

We’ve decided to help (and encourage!) our clients by offering to take away their clutter. Between the 8 – 18th April, Colleen can pop by your home or office and collect any items you have to get rid of. Below is a list of the types of things we will collect and take to Naomi House & Age (UK) Alresford.

Things they could sell in their charity shop:
Clothing, shoes and accessories
Children’s toys
Home decor items

If you aren’t sure about something they have a list here of things they don’t take, or get in touch with Colleen.

Things they can recycle and get money for:
Ink cartridges
Old mobile phones
Used stamps
British and foreign currency, both old and new. This includes pre Euro coins and banknotes
Scrap metal (Colleen will take small reasonable amounts – anything large & heavy can be taken directly to Winnall Warehouse)

I do hope all of our lovely clients will pull together and help us with our Spring Clean with Splash Clean Charity drive! Everyone wins: you clear your clutter, charity raises funds, we feel all warm and fuzzy because we helped make it happen!

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