Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer Cleaning

Unless you continually maintain your washing machine and tumble dryer, they can quickly start to smell and build up with limescale, soap scum and lint. If this is the case, your clothes are not going to be getting a very good fresh wash and your dryer will not dry your clothes efficiently and freshly. We now offer a professional steam cleaning service of white goods through OvenGlo. Many of the Splash Clean clients will have met Darrell and know that he is such a lovely & professional person to have in your home.

For just £30 you can have your washing machine or tumble dryer steam cleaned and descaled to keep it working in tip top condition and make sure the seals are kept clean and free of mould. All the drawers, filter chambers, vents and bottles are emptied and cleaned too. As we live in such a hard water area it is obviously important to care for and maintain your appliances throughout the year to ensure they are running at their best.

You might like to have your oven/agafridge/freezer or dishwasher cleaned at the same time. If you would like to book a clean, please do get in touch with Darrell Gowers on 01962 621579 or sales@ovenglo.com.

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