Pin with us on Pinterest

We are on Pinterest!  If you don’t know what it is – check it out – it’s divine! It’s an online pinboard – but so much better.  I can’t even begin to make you understand. I have told so many people about it, and they like me, reacted with “But that’s so dumb, why would you do that?”.  Well, it only takes two minutes and you will find yourself pin, pin, pinning!

So you create a ‘board’, because you are into gardening, cooking, fashion, renovation, your pet parrot – whatever.  Then when you are browsing the world wide web and spot something that you think is divine – you click on ‘Pin It’ (which will be on your toolbar), and it pins it to your board – with a link to the site you found it on. You can also browse through everyone else’s pins, and follow people, and their pins will appear on your home page.  It’s like browsing loads and loads of magazines, from around the world that you don’t have to pay for. Genius!

Even my partner who thinks that anything social media related is a bore loves it! We are redecorating and I have set up an account for myself and we have a board for each room and it works brilliantly. Here is a link to the one I have just created for Splash Clean:

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