A Warm Welcome to our Team Manager

Erica has been with Splash Clean since day 1 in 2010.  Having always worked very closely alongside Colleen in all areas of the business, it was only natural for her to become the Manager.

Erica is on hand to make sure that the Team are supported and motivated in their work, and that all our clients are happy with the service they are receiving from the team. Erica will be meeting with new clients to assess how our team can help and then accompanying cleaners on their first visit to get them settled. In addition, Erica will be visiting clients homes on a regular basis to ensure the cleans are being completed to a high standard.

As current clients will already know, Erica has very high standards and will not settle for anything less; you can always count on her to be there full of energy with a smile on her face!

Things she loves that keep her busy:  her 2 teenage children, a rabbit, Henry (hates Dyson!), cycling (completed the London to Brighton 2010), jigsaw puzzles, roast beef & horseradish sandwiches & sailing.

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