How to make your sink sparkle

There is nothing worse than a dirty, tea-stained, grimey kitchen sink. With minimal effort you can have a sparkling clean sink every day!

If you have yucky tea stains & limescale in your sink… Spray the sink with Clean & Natural White Vinegar spray and sprinkle with Bicarbonate of Soda, you will notice that when you use these two products together they create a fizzing action to bubble away all those stains, limescale and grime. Spread the mixture over the sink and taps with a non-scratch scourer, leave for a few moments if necessary then scrub away and rinse off.  Use a toothbrush to get into the edges of the taps & plughole. Buff the sink dry with a microfibre cloth to prevent water marks.

To prevent future build up, always rinse the sink after use and keep an e-cloth nearby to wipe away any water.  When sloshing down the last bits of tea from your mug, tea or coffee pot – just let the tap run for a second to rinse out the sink.  If you leave that residue clinging around the sink hole – you will end up with a horrible looking sink! Leaving piles of dirty dishes soaking won’t help either! My tip for that problem – get a well trained man – or a dish washer.

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