Tidying up!

We love tidy homes, because as well as being a much happier, calm place to be when they are….they are easier to clean! Here are a few ideas for you and your home.

A great way to store kids toys in bathrooms is in colourful TubTrugs – you can easily trick kids into thinking that tossing all their toys into colourful trugs is part of the fun! These are available at Morgans Hardware in Alresford, and D & G Hardware in Winchester.

Another popular and stylish storage option for bathrooms and kitchens alike, are these gorgeous zinc storage baskets from Dee Puddy.  I’m quite keen on these vintage glass storage jars too, great for storing cotton balls, ribbons, buttons, fiddly pots of balms and creams, biscuits, tea bags….

Water Hyacinth, rattan or wicker baskets are useful as they too can be used across the home.  We have sen them being used to store bottles in the bathroom, crockery & cutlery or fruit & veg in the kitchen, and when lined with pretty fabric, to store clothes and accessories in the bedroom or laundry.  The Holding Company and A Place For Everything both have a wide selection of baskets and other storage items.

You can also turn all sorts of items into storage, which can not only help you keep tidy and organised, but can often create interesting focal points.

I bought an old printers tray recently, which I have propped in my bedroom and started to store small bits of jewellery and other pretty findings such as dried rosebuds, conkers, hairpins, recycled glass drops. Rustic enamel colanders can also be looped together to hang in kitchen or bathrooms as storage.  Get creative whilst getting tidy!

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