Green Collar Tasks

A few weeks ago I needed to get a clients house in Winchester ready to be put on the market.  Aside from a good Spring Clean, the windows, cladding, garage doors and fascias all needed a good scrubbing to make them gleam.  I got in touch with Green Collar Tasks and discovered a South African voice on the end of the line – from Zululand too – there is just no getting away from us Saffers!

Justin Turvey started Green Collar Tasks in 2008, and now offers a whole range of exterior cleaning services in the Winchester and surrounding area. Windows, Conservatories, Soffits & Fascias, Patio & Paving, Decking and Gutter cleaning, as well as garden maintenance.  What always scores brownie points with me is being environmentally friendly, and Green Collar Tasks are just that, as they used purified water and no harmful detergents.

I have now linked up with Justin to offer his services to all my clients, at no additional cost.  Justin is happy to pop round to assess the work you need done and give a free no obligation quote. The added advantage of this is that we can aim to schedule the jobs at the same time as your clean to minimise disturbance.  In other cases,  where many of our clients who are busy commuters don’t have time to either arrange these jobs and let people on or into the property, we can take care of this on their behalf.

I have so far been very impressed with the service I have received from Justin and his team, as well as being friendly they have been prompt and professional.  The quality of the work has also been excellent as well as affordable. We are confident that from now on our clients homes should be gleaming both inside and out!

If you are interested in any of these services, do get in touch and we can arrange a free quote for you.

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