Eco CarCare in Winchester

Whilst waiting at some traffic lights (South African readers: robots) in Winchester yesterday, I glanced around my car and suddenly realised that for someone who ran a cleaning business I should be absolutely ashamed of myself! I quickly called Eco CarCare who launched their environmentally friendly car cleaning business nearly a month ago and got my little car booked in for some tlc in the form of “wash & vac”.

Eco CarCare are based in the Brooks Shopping Centre car park and are very easy to find.  So if you plan on doing a bit of shopping you can leave your car with them whilst doing so.  I don’t tend to go to the Brooks Shopping Centre and so once I had left my car with the friendly team, and been faced with the horrors of that shop beginning with P, I quickly escaped into the safety of Waterstones. Fatal error.  What should of been me just hanging around for 40 minutes whilst my car was given a clean for the bargain price of £20, quickly turned into £60 – oops.

The service was fantastic and my car was absolutely spotless inside and out.  I was very impressed and would highly recommend them. Most of my friends and family like to refer to me as a “lazy cow” for not washing my own car, but for the record I would like to state that I am not lazy; I just care for the environment, as no water is wasted when you take you car to Eco CarCar!  So there.

Eco CarCare
The Brooks Shopping Centre, Winchester
Open 7 days a week
Mobile: 07733 806658
Find them on Twitter & Facebook too.

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