The Top 10 Yuckiest Public Places

So guess where the most germs are in public places….kids parks, shops,  the train! All places that we visit the most, and most of us give little thought to what is lurking beneath our hands on swing handles, shop doors and train tables.

I recently read an article online where public places were tested for the presence of protein (apparently a general indicator of hygiene) as well as blood, mucus, saliva, faecal matter and urine.  Out of all the samples, the places that had the most germs were children’s playgrounds with 44 percent of playground surfaces testing positive for bodily fluids.

Here is a list of the top 10 most dirty public places the researchers found (germs are able to survive on these surfaces anywhere from just a few hours to a few weeks).

1. Playgrounds
2. Bus/train rails/armrests
3. Public toilets
4. Shopping trolley handles
5. Escalator handrails
6. Chair armrests
7. Vending machine buttons
8. Shared pens
9. Public telephones
10. Lift buttons

Think about this article next time you touch one of these places and then maybe munch a sandwich before washing your hands…..eeughh!

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