Method UK

I signed up to People Against Dirty, a campaign by Method products.

“Whether they want to fight the grime on the kitchen floor, take out the toxins in the shower or pummel the bad stuff floating in the world, they are people against dirty®.”

You may or may not know, but Method make absolutely fantastic cleaning products, my personal favourite being the French Lavender all purpose spray.  Well, what prompted this blog post, was the arrival of this cool little package from Method today.  They sent me a funky t-shirt, (100% organic cotton, of course!), and a little box of samples which included the Almond wood polishing spray, pink grapefruit dish soap, sweet water hand wash and french lavender all purpose cleaner.

If you haven’t yet tried their products, I highly recommend you do.  Our clients favourite Method product is the Almond Touch Wood Floor Cleaner, and these guys are not joking – it’s smells so good, we really do want to eat it!

They have suggested I send the names, postal addresses, and emails of 3 people, and they will send some samples.  So, who wants in? Let me know if you do.

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