Smarties – nearly new clothes for kids

I have had quite a few enquiries from people in the area wanting me to sell their childrens clothes on eBay; which I don’t do.

So I have decided to let you all know about Smarties in Easton. Although, they are so popular you have more than likely heard of them already!

Nathalie Patterson, the owner of Smarties, buys and sells quality used clothes for children. So if you are wanting to buy or sell clothes from newborn to age 12, do give them a call. They also buy and sell black tie and sportswear such as ski gear for children up to age 16.

So not only can you clear your cupboard space, but you can make some money from your childs unwanted clothes. The profit is split 50/50, and they will kindly take any unsold items to a charity shop to save you the hassle!

Smarties – nearly new clothes for kids
Easton, Hampshire, SO21 1EG
01962 779158

Opening Hours – TERM TIME
Monday 09:30 to 11:30
Friday 09:30 to 11:30
or by appointment

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