Yummy Grow-Your-Own Day Cakes

Cake Sale – Lunch box treats, Office/Garage Tea treats, Briefcase treats, afternoon dog walkers treats!
So I have lot of cake left from the Grow-Your-Own Day. Which did very very well I might add.  Interesting facts and figures to follow at www.timetosplash.co.uk/charity soon.

We were inundated with gorgeous cakes, and whilst we sold a huge amount, we do still have some left.  Sun Hill Infant School willl be holding a small staff room cake sale today, but I have a feeling there will still be a lot left! Any profits will be shared across local charities, Winchester Samaritans, St Swithuns Church in Martyr Worthy and Thrive.

All freshly baked in the area, and very delicious.  I had to force myself to buy and taste test a piece of everything before asking you to do so!

Any requests?

Chocolate & Lemon Drizzle Loaves £4.50
Banana Loaf £4
Rock Cakes 50pence
Lemon Drizzle slice 50pence
Assorted (choc, vanilla, lime) cupcakes 50pence
Sponge/carrot cake slices £1

Spend just £2 and I will deliver to your door if you live/work between Alresford and Easton, or even in Winchester. You can of course spend more.  What about buying a batch for your office coffee/tea break?  It is all very fresh and will still be fab tomorrow.

Let me know as soon as possible please!

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